dinsdag 19 januari 2016

Deer, It's Cold Outside

I know, I know, the song goes... "Baby, it's cold outside"...
But you'll find out soon enough why I tweaked it just a little.

Not so long ago, I read about an upcoming pattern test by Big Little Patterns.
I have come across her Pixie hat on Pinterest a lot, a style I really adore.
So I was very excited to try and get into the testers group. Together with a whole bunch of other sewers, definitely more than 200, we applied and I got picked. How cool is that!

Ever so cool was the new pattern that we got to test.

Before getting to the pattern, remember the sneak preview posts last weekend?
Inside all of us is a wild thing...

Now, let's introduce: The Wild Things Coat.
Not just a coat, but a wild animal coming alive.
Little kids just adore animals. Now you will be able to make their favorite one in a coat.
A doggy, a kitten, a horse, unicorn, lion, donkey, giraffe, bear... Let your imagination go wild!

I made my little girl a deer coat.

The pattern comes with a basic part for the actual coat (fully lined) with cute pockets and a hood, and a variety of animal parts like ears, antlers, tails... There is an extensive tutorial with illustrations on how to sew the coat and how to turn it into the wild thing of your child's choice.

For my cute little deer, I used a wool fabric and lined the coat with teddy fleece and cotton for the sleeves.
The ears are made of the teddy fleece and white faux leather to make them stand up nicely. The antlers were made of the cotton and stuffed with cushion filling.

Not to forget the cute, little tail. This was made with the teddy fleece and stuffed with the same cushion filling. I used a snap button to attach the tail to the coat, so we can take it off when she is going to school (to avoid that the coat is being torn apart).
I used the faux leather to add 3 dots on the back, just for fun, with a wink to the white tail deers.

The photo's were taken at the local parc, where she met up with her 'deer' friends.

I'll let the rest of the photo's speak for themselves.
There are a lot. 
I took over 600 photo's, and chose 20 of my favorite ones to show to you.

Outer fabric: wool from 'Stoffenverkoop Kapellen'
Lining: teddy fleece + Soft Cactus 'Oh deer' light blue

Where can you get the pattern?

On the Big Little Patterns Etsy Shop right HERE.
It's on sale now ($8.40 - normal price $12)!

This pattern is for the (confident) adventurous beginner, depending on the animal of your choice. 
It includes 14 different animals in 14 sizes (toddlers to teens). Enough inspiration to get you going for many years.
On top of all that, at the end of the pattern book, there are children's cut, color and stick pages included to have them design their own coats on paper for your inspiration.
You'll see, it such a fun coat that your kids will not want to take it off!
·       If you already have the Pixie or Pea coat you can get a $5 upgrade ! 

Make sure to check out what the others testers have created for a lot of inspiration!

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  1. Zalig! Jij hebt je duidelijk uitgeleefd als tester. <3 het resultaat

  2. Amai, dit is echt prachtig! Ik ben helemaal verkocht :)

  3. Ik hoor hier enkel maar ohh kreetjes naast mijn oor! De jongste is blijkbaar ook helemaal verkocht ;)

  4. Oh, heel leuk ideetje! Een prachtige uitvoering ook weeral! Ik maakte vandaag ook een jasje en gebruikte hetzelfde liedje in de titel :)
    Great minds think alike? :p

  5. Leuk dat jij gekozen werd! En je hebt dat uiteraard weer met glans doorstaan! Proficiat!

  6. Ze staat er keileuk mee. Heeft de mama zoals steeds weer mooi gedaan. En toffe styling. All in the details! Toppie :)

  7. That is so incredibly cute! Great job!

  8. Hahah geweldig! !kei schattig je kleine hertje ;-)

  9. Hahah geweldig! !kei schattig je kleine hertje ;-)

  10. Tof ! Heel schattig en knap gemaakt. Mooie fotoreportage.

  11. I love your version so so much! Thanks for helping me test this pattern and creating such a special coat for your wee girl. Lisa x

  12. Zo mooi! En zalige foto's in het bos, dat zal ze wel leuk gevonden hebbben je modelletje :-)

  13. Echt zoooooooo mooi en schattig! Jammer dat mijn dochter daar al te groot voor is.

  14. Ongelooflijk schattig!!! Mooi gedaan!!

  15. Zo grappig. Ik word hier echt vrolijk van. En dat snoetje... :-)

  16. Dit heb je weer geweldig aanpakt,
    een heel schattig hertje en dan dat snoeteke en die broek, fan van je creatie!
    zus 3