vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

Pattern Test: Loretta Tassel Bag

Can a woman ever have enough handbags?

Silly question... Of course not!

But like with shoes, I find it hard to find the perfect handbag, that is not overpriced, has enough space for all my belongings that travel with me, has some smaller side pockets, looks nice, matches my clothes...
Before I became a mother, I regularly (if not daily) changed my handbags to match my outfit of the day and the color of my shoes. But kids, haha, they make sure that you don't have the time in the morning to do all of that.
So these days, I go for neutral colors and tend to use the same bag for many months, also because they usually are really expensive.

But then I figured, I could make my own bags, less expensive, with all the space and pockets I need, and perhaps find some time to change my bags more often.

The first part of the plan has started! 
(and I'm still educating my kids to come to the second part of the plan)

I responded to a testers call on Facebook for the Loretta Tassel Bag.
Delinda Boutique is an webhop that, amongst other things, offers pdf patterns for bags.
I particularly liked the professional finishing of her bags on the patterns, and the Loretta Bag seemed like a nice addition to my upcoming winter outfits.

So I gathered some fabrics from my stash, decided to go for a corduroy in combination with faux suède and a nice lining with flowers, and I created my first personal handbag.

The bag has a large front pocket (for keys and paper handkerchiefs for example). The suggestion is to add a tassel for a nice classic touch, but because of my choice of fabric, I decided to go for a pair of cherries (part of a key ring) that I bought at H&M. 

On the inside, there is a side pocket with a zipper, for all those little items (make-up, lip balm, tampons etc.)

And when you take a close look at the fabric, you will see there are some little cherries, perfect match with my ornament on the outside!

The pattern suggests a magnetic snap to close the bag, but I used a pair of kamsnaps that matched the color of my lining.

Another pocket is created on the inside, for my iPhone, and mints and those little pieces of paper that you have to keep with you for a little while.
I stitched some lines to divide the pocket in 3 different compartments, one just wide enough to hold a pen.

The bag is roomy and fits my purse, my pill box, my little note book...

There is only a limited number of pattern pieces (so no endless number of A4 pages to tape together) and the instructions are very detailed and self-explanatory.
The suggestions for fabric and reinforcement are very clear.

Very happy with my new handbag!

I can truly recommend this pattern.
Hop over to Etsy or Craftsy to pick up your pattern!
You will not regret it!

And Maria, thanks a lot for the opportunity to test your bag. I love it!

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